Edmonton Holiday Geeky Gift Market Nov 15 – 17

This market is being held at the Edmonton Expo Centre so there have been some changes, but I have done all I can to keep prices as low as possible. Please note that the price of tables, chairs, and power are all GES & Showtech direct pricing. The prices will go up after November 1st for the tables, chairs, and power so please be mindful. I will send out an email to all those that get accepted.

6’x8′ spaces will be chalked out only, 10’x10′ booths in the middle aisles will have 8′ pipe and drape, wall spots are not scheduled to have pipe & drape at this time.

The amount of spaces is more than doubled, but I will still be partially curating this so there are not 20 of the same booths in certain categories. There will be areas allocated to K-pop, as well an artist alley. NO AI generated art of any kind, NO false advertising (ie: if an item is not handmade do not state it is handmade, if an item is imported it cannot be sold as handmade by you, etc), and NO MLM’s unless a pop culture license is held by the MLM with more than %50 of the merchandise needing a geeky theme (MLM’s are also last to be considered and will not be if a category is full with handmade items).